My Fees, Insurance Plans Accepted, and Cancellation Policy


My fee is currently $170 per 50-minute session, payable at the time of the session. I accept checks or cash, but do not take credit cards.

If you will be seeking reimbursement from your insurance company, I will  give you a receipt for your payment to submit to your company. The receipt will contain the diagnostic and procedure codes required by insurance companies. If your insurer is a PPO, it will most likely reimburse you for some percentage of my fee, even as an out-of-network provider. You can check with your insurer. If your insurance is an HMO, it will most likely not reimburse you for my services, as an out-of-network provider.


There is no charge for appointments cancelled 24 hours before the time of the appointment. For cancellations after this period, or no cancellation, the full fee is charged. Exceptions to this are sudden, unexpected illness or emergency, unless this becomes frequent.


I accept Medicare, provided that you have traditional Medicare plus a Supplemental Insurance plan (Medigap). If you do not have a supplemental plan, then you would be responsible for the deductible and the co-payment. I am not a provider for any Medicare Advantage plans. With some Medicare Advantage plans, I can get authorization to see you. With others, I cannot, so you should check on this. I am not a MediCal provider, so if you have MediCal as either your sole plan or a supplement to Medicare, then I would not be able to see you.

I am not on other insurance panels. However,  you may still be able to be reimbursed for some percentage of the fee you pay me. See under “FEES”, above. I will do my best to work with your particular situation and I’ll try to make an appropriate referral if we’re not able to work together. I hope we can!