Thank you for visiting my website. I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about my services, approaches and philosophy. I am a licensed psychologist, also certified in biofeedback, with over 35 years of experience. I hope this website can help you determine if my experience can be of help to you, also.

I have been licensed in California and loving my clinical practice here since 1977. After receiving my doctorate from Harvard University, I worked first as a teacher and researcher, as well as a clinician. Former positions include the faculties of the University of California at Santa Cruz, UCLA School of Medicine and the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I also spent a total of four years in India as a counseling psychologist, as well as doing research in villages and studying Eastern systems of understanding the mind and emotions.

It is my clinical practice, however, that I feel is my true calling and where I have been happily focusing most of my attention for the last 25+ years. I believe that people inherently strive to overcome blocks to their health, wholeness and greater personal peace and happiness. You may be having difficulty in finding your way to these goals. My desire is to help individuals in this all-important life task. I want my work to encompass all parts of you –you as an individual and in relationship; your body, mind, emotions and spirit; your strengths as well as your challenges.

I enjoy seeing my clients who range in age from late adolescence to older adulthood. I like to adapt my approach to what is best for each individual. For anxiety disorders, as well as for pain, I’ve found that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with biofeedback generally has the best results. For overcoming blocks to achieving one’s goals, often a more psychodynamic approach is best to uncover fears and old, self-defeating messages. Whatever the approach, I like to be actively engaged. I am not a therapist who sits back and only listens, although I think of myself as a good listener.

I invite you to visit my “Services” page for more on the types of issues I specialize in and approaches used. My “Fees” page will tell you about fees, insurance and office policies. Then, if you would like to take the next step to see if we might be a good match, please contact me and we’ll explore further. I’d like to be of help to you.